LitRPG Guildmasters

Meet the LitRPG Guildmasters.

LitRPG Guildmasters


The LitRPG Guildmasters is a collective of LitRPG, Gamelit, and Cultivation authors on a mission to spread LitRPG & Gamelit across the globe. Our gloal is to bring new readers and talented authors together.

Books by the LitRPG Guildmasters:

LitRPG Guildmasters | AR Holloway LitRPG Guildmasters | BF Rockriver LitRPG Guildmasters | Czepta Gold LitRPG Guildmasters | Jez Cajiao Max Geek | LitRPG Guildmasters Maxwell Farmer | LitRPG Guildmasters LitRPG Guildmasters | Paul Bellow LitRPG Guildmasters | RK Billiau LitRPG Guildmasters | Richard Hummel LitRPG Guildmasters | Sean Oswald LitRPG Guildmasters | T.J. Reynolds LitRPG Guildmasters | Troy Osgood

Our group of LitRPG and Gamelit authors.

We are more than just a group of authors. The LitRPG Guildmasters is a partnership of amazing individuals with dreams of seeing LitRPG and Gamelit reach the mainstream. Together we want to promote the growth of LitRPG and all forms of Gamelit, bring great authors into the spotlight, and share our love of our favorite genres.

One way we are doing this is by offering fans new books to read and rewarding them for sharing the work of their favorite authors. To do this we have created the LitRPG Adventurers Guild, a group of fans and authors who share their passion for all things Gamelit and earn rewards while doing it.

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LitRPG Adventurers Guild

To learn more about the LitRPG Adventurers Guild please visit our Facebook page. For more great LitRPG authors check out my Recommended Reading List.