Altered Realms | A LitRPG Series

Altered Realms - Ascension

Book One of the Altered Realms Saga.

A LitRPG Series by B.F.Rockriver

Altered Realms: Ascension is a LitRPG series, that focuses on it's characters internal struggles and how they deal with adversity.

LitRPG | Altered Realms by BF Rockriver

Eli Miller lived an idyllic life with his family.

Until his best friend turned up dead, hanging from a tree.

  Concerned  for his family's safety Eli rushes home, only to be slain by a group of Adventurers. Rather than finding himself in the afterlife, he awakens to the sight of a character creation screen. Life after death is never easy. For him, it should be impossible. Only the immortal Adventurers come back. Finding that he had changed in ways he never could have imagined, Eli set off to unravel the mysteries of his new life.

How did he come back? Why are mutants and undead monsters roaming the countryside? Who killed him? Is his family still alive?

Join Eli as he takes up his axe to protect his former home, and possibly the world, from the threats plaguing Entarra.

Inauguration is the first installment of the Altered Realms series, a fantasy LitRPG that features adventure, city building, mystery and magic.