About B.F.Rockriver | LitRPG Author

B.F.Rockriver, author of the upcoming LitRPG series, Altered Realms.

BFRockriver | Author of Altered Realms - A LitRPG, Gamelit, Series.
After a year of rewrites, editing, posting to Royal Road, and a 6 month break, I did it. I wrote a freaking book.

This has been a dream of mine. Growing up, I played video games, read books, and watched Monty Python. It kept me out of trouble, and most likely saved my life. To me, video games and books aren't just a pass time, or something to help me escape. They are what I lean on when times are hard, or the world is too much to handle. Now, I've written my own book, and plan on writing a BUNCH more.

It has an awesome cover, my name is on it, and the words are mine. But honestly, I wouldn't have done it if it weren't for the LitRPG genre and community. Without the authors that came before me and the fans of these stories, mine would have sat, collecting dust, on the shelves of my mind.

I plan to write in the LitRPG, Gamelit, and Cultivation genres, so keep an eye out for my upcoming books.