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God Spark - Sigma world: Book 2The God Spark, Sigma Worlds Book 2, comes out on August 1st.

About the Author:

I have played so many game hours; I turned my own wife in 2001 into a gamer girl, and we used to raid all the time together. I have always preferred the online version of games over the oh hum of offline play. To me, VR will be the newest thing for gaming, and I don’t mean VR like Oculus or Rift, which I own both of and enjoy. I mean true plugin, out of body, into the mind, gameplay. I have devoured so many books on this subject that I felt it was time to share my stories. And this series is one of many. 

What made me write this story? The fact that I loved character creation when I used to play games. I would do it for hours and hours. Even had friends get pissed at me for taking so long getting into a new game to go explore. 

So with this book, I looked at it as a way to explore that. Create the characters I would enjoy and love. And there is love in this book since it has Harem qualities that you can blame on Japanese anime completely. 

This series takes place in a game world that my Main Character Jason goes into. Not willingly. He needed something as a way out of the hospital because three years ago, the car accident he got into made it so he would never walk. Now, penniless, he is a ward of the State and lives in a white-walled hospital room and just wanted to get out.

So, along comes Games for Life. A company that just came out with a new VR headset, and full immersion pod, that differs from their first set. Because of that, they had to create a new game work, so different from the first World, Freedom. Destiny was created on state-of-the-art technology that worked on the Quantum level. But, it seems that has now caused its own issues for what is happening, not just to the game worlds but also Earth. 

Honestly, Jason should have read the fine print.

About the Book:

In book 2, The God Spark, we find out that things are not as they seem, but at least he has his best friend Michael along for the ride. But honestly, does he have it what takes? Is he willing to accept what is being given to him at face value and do what the God, Brandon, wants him to do? And being a Demigod isn’t what’s it’s cracked up to be. 

Well, come along for the read, sit back, grab some Doritos (Fine, whatever chip you like) and look through the eyes of Jason as he adventures and learns that things are not what they seem and that things are about to change drastically. 

You can get here book 2, which is also on Kindle Unlimited.  

Book 1 can also be gotten here to purchase or read on Kindle Unlimited. 

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