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  • Editing and Formatting Services for LitRPG Authors

    Look like a pro, Hire an Editor. Here is our list of the best Editors, who have worked with LitRPG Authors.

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  • What Makes a Great LitRPG?

    There's good LitRPG & there's GREAT LitRPG

    Good LitRPG tells a decent story, with a solid plot, stats, abilities, and a good hook. It could be a portal fantasy, sci-fi, stuck-in-game, or another world. The BEST LitRPG makes the reader feel like they are in the game itself. There is no disconnect between the imagination and the words on the paper or screen.

  • Find the Best LitRPG Book Cover

    This is a growing list of people we trust. We have either worked with these people in the past or know them personally. Each and every person listed here is dedicated to making LitRPG the best genre in writing. So, if you're looking for a cover, editing, formatting, or just some advice on your next LitRPG project. Here is a list of some of the best of the best in the industry